1. I watch your documentary on tv. I cried. It was the most beautiful amazing story that I have ever witnessed in my life. Why don't you and mr. Winter do another one. I would buy that one also. You both make a great team.
  2. I just love 'A Celebration of Creation" It really shows the important bond between people and their pets. The video made me laugh and made me cry. It is very special.
  3. I believe that animals are extremely important to humans. Animals are pure in spirit. Honoring them and blessing them is a great and very meaningful action. Your film is wonderful and I hope that many people will see it. Thanks.
  4. Great website with lots of good information regarding Animal Blessings and St. Francis. Wonderful, intriguing clips from your film. I am looking forward to seeing the entire film.
  5. What Are Animals And Why Are They Here?

    A Spark Off Our Own Flame
    Why do people love their pets so much? Why is the attachment and the longing for pets so strong? Around the world, billions of dollars are spent on pet care each year; much of it not just for food, but for toys and specialty items. Some religions even offer a day for blessings of pets. St. Francis of Assisi was noted for such love of animals that he could hear them. What are pets really? Do animals have spirits? Is there a difference between domestic and wild animals? The answers are here; pets are literally part of us. Just as we are a spark off of the Divine Flame, domesticated animals are smaller sparks off of our own flames.
    We are given the choice before coming into these bodies of how many sparks we wish to let out to become our delegates. Delegates serve a specific purpose, they are here to teach us more about love, the giving and receiving of love, balance within these bodies and most certainly how to play! Delegates take these roles very seriously. Delegates operate within our own free will, they are a part of us and are here to help us. They are spirit off our spirit, just as our spirit is off of God's.
    Our sparks drop into what people generally think of as pets or domesticated animals. Once we have freely taken ownership and while the pet takes its first nap, the spark comes into the pet and it becomes our delegate. It does not matter if they were owned by other people before us. Think of it this way: when we sleep, our body is on automatic, our breathing and heartbeat continue, our body is still alive, but meanwhile we are not in conscious control of any of these things or even of having a body. This is because our spirit is busy and only thinly attached to the physical. That is why sleep is often likened to death. Except in death, the spirit does not re-animate the body.
    This delegate spirit is why you may see similar personalities of animals you have had repeat time after time. While you work on those specific characteristics that you are expanding on, the life after life polishing of the facets of love continue and the core spirit brightens. Also, your new animal pet does not lose their own personality, it combines with your spirit brought in. For example, the genetic qualities, training and experiences will still remain intact.
    We can have more than one delegate at a time. It depends on how many we choose to let out from us when we were coming into this body, this life. These sparks wait around us as parts of us until we have taken ownership of a pet or animal. Wild animals and fish will never be our delegates. While a fish may be calming to look at and watch, fish will always remain a food source. Our sparks will not drop into fish or wild animals.
    Can you see why people love their pets so much? Can you see the attachment, and why the care and the longing for pets is so important? It is truly, the reuniting of a part of our spirit that has descended into our pet helping us to remember the place of love that we come from, the place of love that we are! Pets are so much more than pets, they are our delegates of love allowed for us at this time to experience even more about love. This is why people are so attached to their animals for they are a part of their very self! This is also why when you see animals being treated with abuse, you will see their owners being hurtful to themselves as well.
    What about the non-domesticated animals or wild animals? These all belong to God. These are what we can think of as Father's delegates. These are the place of love and joy for Father to feel and experience. It is easy to see how people of all cultures have had respect for animals in some regard and how those that we think of as being more spiritual have picked up on the respectful treatment of animals. When we take care of the wild animals, when we show love and respect for them, we demonstrate love and respect for the One who created us all. 
Does it make much more sense now looking at why there are many organizations that look out for the welfare of pets and animals? All animals, whether they are our pets/delegates or they belong to God are a gift for all to learn about love. Those that understand love and seek to protect love have also sought to protect the aspects of love and righteousness, specifically in this case, the delegates of our animals.
    What if there is only one domestic animal in a family? Our delegates related specifically to an individual. If you are in a family and there is only one pet in the family, that pet is a delegate of only one person. Now this in no way limits the giving and receiving of love. Many know and understand the value of having a pet and although there is work and maintenance that goes along with it, the love that is there is immeasurable. When there is a pet within a family, there is love that is shared with all, and when that delegate is loved by others in the family, the person it is attached to is also loved.
    Again it is important to look at how we treat our pets, since it is a reflection of how we do with love. Are we too hard on ourselves? Do we expect perfect behavior? Do we seek to have constant attention? Do we want to control everything around us? These are things that we can see reflected in the ways that we interact with our pets, and opportunities to change behaviors. As such, when we are kind and loving to our pets, we are learning more about love as well as showing love to the person whose delegate is the pet!
    This is another reason why those who have pets may feel rejection when someone doesn't care for their pet or when someone is mean to their pet. If the pet is neglected or ignored it is as if that person is neglected or ignored as well. When we show kindness and love to the pet of someone else, we are showing kindness and love to that person. This is a pretty neat way to experience the giving and receiving of love! To those that have pets or desire to have pets, this will make perfect sense. To those who don't desire to have pets at all, know that you made this choice before coming into this life, and are not forced now to have them, since there are no delegate sparks there from you waiting to come in. They are only an additional opportunity Love gives us, and we can choose freely as we like for each life to have none, one, a few or many. It is, and has been, up to you all along. And each life you get to choose again what to decide for that time.
    Like us, pets are in a physical body and these physical bodies have to be taken care of, and their bodies need balance and care to survive just as ours do. Remember this when you are questioning why your dog is eating rather than coming over to play with you. It is not that the dog doesn't want to play, it is simply that they must eat to survive in the body. With all this information, we are not to take as offense what our pets do or how they react or respond in different situations. We are to look at it as an opportunity to learn, grow, make better choices, and love unconditionally through it all.
    Have you ever been pestered by your pet to talk to them or pet them when you are having a really tough day? Ever feel annoyed because your pet wants you to take them out for a walk or play when you are frustrated? Ever feel the last thing you want to do is stop your work, yet that is the very thing that your pet is asking you to do? Can you see and understand now why all this is happening? It is precisely when you are frustrated or upset that your pet knows and feels this as well. As your delegate, they are intimately connected with your spirit. If you are in a bad place, they feel it. Their job is helping you to balance, to choose love, to lighten and to play! Your delegate is happy when you are happy and your delegate is sad when you are sad. Knowing that they are a part of you makes this easier to understand. Enjoy the love! Enjoy your pet.

    By Tiffany Snow and Fr. Billy Clark © 2007

    About the Author: Tiffany Snow is a documented miracle healer, award-winning author and public speaker. Her latest book: "God's Workbook - Shifting into the Light" is available on Amazon.com. http://www.TiffanySnow.com

  6. In the summer of 1990, I read an article in a travel magazine that described the Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It seemed incredulous. I knew of no church that would allow a dog to enter let alone a grand cathedral allowing thousands of dogs, cats and exotic creatures to come under its roof! It truly seemed incongruous. So I phoned the Cathedral and asked if what I had read was true. Of course it was. I said that I was sorry to have missed such an event. Well that was no problem because they hold the Blessing every year in the first week of October. I was in luck!

    That October I flew to New York to witness the Blessing of the Animals first hand. On Sunday I took a cab to the north east side of Manhattan. I was fortunate to get a seat as the Cathedral was already packed. People had started lining up at six am. So by nine fifteen the place was packed with several thousand people and at least a thousand animals. Dogs were everywhere. Cats were on leashes and in carrying crates. Parrots sat on heads and shoulders. Rabbits, hamsters, buggies, cockatiels, and turtles were in abundance. It was truly mind-blowing!

    The atmosphere was thick with magic, spirit, and wonderfully strong, positive feelings. The Cathedral itself is impressive in its enormity and splendor. (Apparently, the Statue of Liberty could fit into this Cathedral). The music of the Paul Winter Consort and the huge choir was powerful, yet serene. And the presence of all the animals inflated this feeling to grand heights. I will always remember the moment when the great bronze doors of the Cathedral slowly opened to reveal the silhouette of a massive elephant. The elephant strode in leading the Procession of Animals.

    After the official ceremony, a wonderful festival occurs on the park like grounds of the Cathedral. Here the Bishop of New York and several monks and priests give individual blessings to hundreds of the pets brought by the public. Most want health and happiness for their beloved companions. Some bring sick, injured and old animals for a special blessing. And some bring pictures of missing pets to be blessed in hope of finding them. The animals get along with one another and seem to sense that something special is taking place.

    I was so impressed that I pictured making a film. Finally after several years I was able to do so and headed back to New York and started shooting. More on
    how we went about making this documentary later.

    I am sure that if you have pets or love animals you will love "A Celebration of Creation".

    All the best,

    Patrick Malone


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