A forty-eight year old Japanese man's obsession for cats has resulted in his arrest. Mamoru Demizu of Osaka has been charged with stealing money and jewels valued at $200,000 from 32 homes.

The unemployed man claimed he needed the money for gourmet food to feed 128 cats! Fresh fish and chicken cost him over $240 a day. 

Demizu has only one cat living in his house, another twenty are kept in a warehouse and the other 107 felines are well fed strays he has attracted to his neighborhood.

This Japanese cat burglar could certainly be considered a blessing to the cats. However, his love for the felines had turned into an obsession and unfortunately his downfall.

                                                              Mamoru Demizu loves cats

Speakng of cats, 2 members of Pussy Riot, a Russian punk band, were freed from prison Monday december 23, 2013. They had been sentenced to two years for hooligabism but were released under the new amnesty law.

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