Paul Winter is a world renowned saxophonist, composer and leader of the Paul Winter Consort. He is an artist in residence at New York's Cathedral of Saint John the Divine and the co-creator of the Earth Mass also known as Missa Gaia.This music is a center piece of the Cathedral's yearly Pet Blessing.

Paul Winter's fusion of jazz, classical and world music creates unique, ethereal soundscapes. He often records in natural environments such as mountains, forests and deserts and the natural atmospheric sounds of these locations becomes an integral part of the music. The calls of wild animals and birds are also woven throughout his recordings.

At the request of Rev. James Parks Morton, Dean of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, Paul Winter composed the Earth Mass or Missa Gaia which celebrates the whole Earth as a sacred space. As well, he blended the voices of wolves and whales into the music.

The Paul Winter Consort debuted the Missa Gaia on Mother’s Day of 1981 at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. The Consort performs the Earth Mass every October at the Cathedral as part of the Saint Francis Day Blessing of Animals
and this hauntingly beautiful music is featured in our St. Francis animal blessing documentary, “A Celebration of Creation”.

Paul Winter has won 7 Grammy Awards, most recently Best New Age Album of 2011 for “Miho: Journey to the Mountain”. He has been honored with the Medal of Excellence from the United Nations Environmental Program and has also been recognized by the Humane Society of the United States for encouraging "a deep sense of reverence and wonder for all animals".

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